Sales Leadership Training and Coaching Program

Managing a sales team is an extremely important and difficult job. To be successful, a sales leader must develop a wide variety of capabilities.
Organizations typically spend time and money training sales reps but rarely invest in their sales leaders. That is a mistake. The best way to build a high performing sales team is to start with the leaders.STM360’s training and coaching programs were developed in 2008 and evolve almost on a weekly basis. While building the program, Mike Stankus spent 6 months speaking to sales leaders across industries – from Front-line Managers to Chief Revenue Officers with a key focus on uncovering the fundamental elements and capabilities that make sales leaders successful.Each program leverages proven strategies, methods, tools and best practices that are utilized by thousands of sales leaders world-wide.Currently, the following programs are being offered for leaders of BDR, Inside sales, Enterprise Sales, Partner, and Account Management teams:

Fundamentals of Sales Leadership Course

  • For new or struggling sales leaders

  • Teaches how to build and manage a high performing team

  • Covers 6 core sales management capabilities plus leadership principles

Building internal relationships
Managing individual performance
Managing the team
Measurement and inspection

One on One Coaching Program
  • For VP or CRO levels

  • Weekly or bi-weekly 60 minute sessions

  • Goal is to drive consistent over-achievement of revenue targets

The program begins with documenting the “mission at hand” or “scale plan” for the next 12 months – by quarter. This would include revenue targets, headcount by role, pipeline needed, etc. Capabilities needed (accurate forecasting, effective on-boarding, etc) are also identified. This exercise identifies the strategic components of the “machine” and what needs to be worked on NOW.

– The follow-on sessions for “Manager of mangers” typically cover topics such as:

Review of the 12-month “scale plan” – where are the risks?
Internal relationships up, down, and across the organization
Communication up, down, and across the organization    
Instrumentation (KPI reporting) and what trends are happening    
Effectiveness and consistency of the managers      
Capabilities effectiveness and iteration      
Pros and cons of various decisions/actions    
Team morale    
What to prioritize

Sales Leadership Playbook Program

  • For organizations that have multiple levels of sales leaders and/or multiple revenue generation teams (BDR, New Logo, Account Management)

  • Ensures consistency of process, expectations, and accountability – key components of building a high performing sales team

  • Playbook details the 6 core leadership competencies for each functional area

Building internal relationships
Managing individual performance
Managing the team
Measurement and inspection

Quarterly Sales Organization Review and Alignment

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