Words of Wisdom for Sales Leaders

As someone who has coached and directly managed hundreds of sales leaders, I find myself doling out the same advice over and over. A year ago, I started documenting my “words of wisdom” in a google doc with the intention of sharing with a broader audience.

I’ve tried over the years to synthesize my coaching conversations in catch phrases – words that memorable and would get the point across. Many of the catch phrases are of my invention, others can be attributed to other sources.

In future blogs, I will do a deep dive into each catch phrase and explain the meaning and importance for a sales leader. By no means is this an exhaustive list – and I’m hoping others will share their “words of wisdom” as well.

You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it
If you think you know it all, you know nothing
Time is your enemy
Be intentional when building internal relationships
Treat every potential hire like you are betting your career on that person – because you are
You can’t have an entire team of Michael Jordans – but try anyway
If you hear yourself saying “I can save this person”, you are the one who may need saving
People are wired certain ways. Don’t try to reprogram them.
Act swiftly with malcontents and non-performers
If you find yourself doing the job of your subordinates, someone will be doing YOUR job soon
Shortcuts are the fastest way to failure
Don’t believe anything unless you see it in writing
Learn how to see around corners
The what won’t happen without the why
You have a limited amount of leadership capital – use it wisely
Learn to detach before making importance decisions
In times of personal conflict, take the high road or the high road will take you
Don’t scare the chickens or they will stop laying eggs
Act like a leader or you won’t be one for long
Don’t allow yourself or others to make excuses

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