Make it Good

I attempted to write a blog that did not mention the coronavirus - but found it impossible. I came up with this instead…

We are almost two months into the lockdown and the masses are getting restless.

Everyone has been impacted by the Coronavirus. Some people have gotten ill and died. Others have lost loved ones. Most of us will suffer financially.

But with any struggle, good can come from it.

I’ve personally experienced despair, fear, disappointment and triumph in my life. Looking back, every single triumph came on the heels of a great struggle.  

When faced with difficult times, we need to make a choice. We can choose to be a victim and allow the circumstances to dictate our fate. Or we can embrace the struggle, engage in the situation and create a positive outcome.

This short clip from former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink says it better than I ever could

So Coronavirus will be part of our lives for the foreseeable future . Our lives are going to change. But we all have the choice to make the change good - for you, for your family, for mankind.

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