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“Mike’s coaching and content has fundamentally changed how I manage my teams, resulting in consistent over-achievement every quarter. I was able to make the transition from a front line manager to a “manager of managers” and now run a team of 60+ people.”

Cam Souza
Director of Business, Development, Datadog

“Having regular coaching sessions with Mike has made a significant impact on our conversion rates and results. What I like most is how he keeps me focused while also providing the tools that help me get the most out of my people and process.”

Al Rosenbaum
EVP of Sales, SilverCloud

"With his wealth of experience, Mike provides a unique combination of help -- push you on strategic thinking, problem solve really tactical issues, and coach you on the emotional roller coaster of being a sales leader. I found working with him invaluable."

Timur Kalimov
SVP of Business Development, HyperScience

About Mike Stankus

In addition to leading global teams at Acquia and Sapient, Mike Stankus has been a sales management thought leader for the past 30 years. Through his consulting company STM360, Mike has delivered over 200 sales consulting engagements to companies in a variety of industries. In addition, Mike has personally trained / coached over 1000 sales leaders through his program Fundamentals of Sales Leadership. Follow Mike on LinkedIn

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